About Car Care

We are working to create a new way of doing business, a business which cares for people first, then profits. Good News Auto was created for one reason: to create a sustainable model of caring for our community. We do this in a few different ways:

The first is through our Car Care Vehicle education courses. We created our car care courses so anyone can learn more about their vehicle and how to operate a vehicle safely and affordably. We offer our courses online as well as hands on learning opportunities in our mechanic shop. These courses are open to anyone who is interested in learning about their vehicle.

The second way we help is through our JumpStart Fund. Our JumpStart Fund is created as a way to help people who are employed but are facing a large vehicle repair. We offer a “jumpstart” so people don’t have to choose between repairs and rent. Our hope is to keep people safe, on the road and able to work. If you are employed and would like to apply for help with a large vehicle repair please click here to apply.

FAQ about JumpStart?

Using a portion of our profits, customer donations and sponsorship we assist with vehicle repairs.

The third way is a new offering to our community. We are now able to assist with matched savings and living expenses for people who aren’t currently employed or who qualify for assistance but whose vehicle do not. Click here to learn more.

There have been many times where someone has been stranded on the side of the road and has been offered a JumpStart to get them back up and running. This is our way of offering a JumpStart to people in our community. Our JumpStart Fund is funded by a portion of our profits, customer donations and community organization sponsorships.

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Create your free account so you can enroll in our essential car care & maintenance courses and/or apply for Jumpstart.

Open to everyone!

Take the courses

We’ve created 3 courses that will teach you the basics of car care & maintenance. Successful completion is required for Jumpstart funding.

Apply for Jumpstart

Once you have created your account you’ll also be able to apply for our JumpStart Fund which is required to access funds for safety repairs and matched savings.

Car Care Challenge

Knowledge is power. Our Car Care Challenge will help you learn about your vehicle and  will save you money. Take the challenge and we will enter your name in our monthly “Win a Spin”. Go to our blog to find the challenges and how to enter.

JumpStart Fund: Matched Savings

Once you are accepted we setup a Matched Savings account for you to help cover the future cost of vehicle maintenance.

Jumpstart Funds: Safety Repair Grant

We want to keep your vehicle safe and on the road. One of the ways we do this is by offering financial assistance towards safety related repairs. This is assessed on a case by case basis.

Free Car Care Vehicle Education Courses

Our vehicle education courses are designed to help you understand more about your vehicle and the costs and risks involved in owning and operating a vehicle. If you are interested in learning more about your vehicle and how to save money on vehicle costs you are in the right place.

Money, Money, Money!

We often hear from customers how frustrated they are because their vehicle “always seems to be costing money!” Money they don’t have or, had hoped to spend on something more fun.

Fix It Before It Breaks

Preventative maintenance will save you money!
A good way to help keep your vehicle operating affordably and safely is by following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

The Truth About Tires

There are certain things that will effect all tires the same way. If you are able to recognize common signs of problems with your tires you will be able to fix the problem. This iwll save you money, stress and keep your family safe.

About Car Care & Jumpstart Fund

Our Story

Several years ago, Sherwood Park Alliance Church started their Car Care Ministry. The purpose was to assist people in financial difficulty with repairing their vehicles. It was a community endeavor: the abour, parts and shop space were all donated and the ministry ran twice a year for about 10 years. In  2012 organizers began to see an opportunity.

The Dream

To create a community mechanic shop where more people and their vehicles could access repairs, learn about their vehicle and receive a boost when they need it. Everyone has needed a “jumpstart” and waited in a parking lot or on the side of the road until someone with jumper cables came by to give their vehicle a boost. This picture is the foundation of our business. A locally owned mechanic shop supported by our community and in turn, giving back to our community.

The Reality

Good News Auto opened its doors in September 2012. Good News Auto is a fully licensed retail mechanic shop created with a specific purpose: to ensure that customers have access to safe and affordable transportation. We do this through our JumpStart Fund and Car Care vehicle education.

Car Care Education

We believe learning about your vehicle and how to plan for a crisis is the best way to keep your vehicle safe and affordable.

We believe this so much we have created a way for people to earn money towards your vehicle repairs.

JumpStart Fund

Our JumpStart Fund has been created because sometimes crisis just happens. No matter how well you care for your car sometimes it just isn’t enough. That’s when we can help. This is our way of giving people in our community a jumpstart!

Our JumpStart Fund is funded through Good News Auto’s profits, customer donations and Sherwood Park Alliance’s continuing support. The whole community working together to make a difference for our community.

People We’ve Helped With Jumpstart ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Jumpstart related questions? We’ve compiled a list of our most common questions to get you started on your Car Care journey.

What is Good News Auto's JumpStart Fund?

 Good News Auto is a regular retail mechanic shop dedicated to vehicle education and providing financial assistance for vehicle repairs. We recognize balancing vehicles and money is a challenge for customers. We believe there are two things we can offer to help our customers with this balancing act. The first is to offer learning opportunities with our Car Care workshops.

The second is to offer financial assistance when repair costs are overwhelming. This is where our JumpStart Fund comes in. ​We  offer “Learn to Earn” Matched Savings opportunities and safety repair grants to qualified customers.

How do I access the JumpStart Fund?

There are two ways to access our JumpStart Fund:

The first is our “Learn to Earn” Matched Savings for their vehicle maintenance or repairs. This gives customers the opportunity to LEARN about their vehicles and EARN money towards their repairs.

The second is an opportunity for our customers to pay for a safety related repair bill on a sliding scale. The sliding scale takes into consideration income, circumstances and the size of the estimate for the repair. This is a way to assist customers in paying for critical or safety related vehicle repairs. The qualification for this grant is completion of our Car Care workshops or employment.

There is an application process to access the JumpStart Fund. It is the same for Matched Savings and the safety repair grant.

The JumpStart Fund is operated in partnership with Good News Auto and all work is performed by licensed technicians.

Why is there an application process for the JumpStart Fund?

Similarly to applying for credit or assistance through any organization we need information  to make a decision regarding how we can help. The application process helps us to make an informed decision and make the best use of our resources.

Why do I need to bring my vehicle in for diagnosis or inspection and why is there a cost attached?

Often customers are not sure what is wrong with their vehicle or there may be more wrong then they are aware of. When we look at the vehicle we ensure that we know all of the safety issues and are able to consider all of these for a JumpStart applicant. The cost is attached because our mechanics still need to get paid at the end of the day and the cost covers their time. The cost of the diagnosis or inspection may be credited back after qualifications are met.

Who can apply for the JumpStart Fund?

Anyone can apply for our JumpStart Fund. We recognize that everyone comes upon unexpected “detours” in their travels and we want to assist where we can. Customers must be able to demonstrate ability to care for their car on a regular basis (i.e. the ability to afford preventative maintenance and non safety repairs), as well as need (employment, medical, etc.)  for a safe and affordable vehicle. People applying for help with a safety related repair bill must be employed or have completed our Car Care workshops.

Is there an income cut off for applying for the JumpStart Fund?

There is no income cut off for the JumpStart Fund. Each customer’s application is considered on individual basis.

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