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Preventative maintenance will save you money!
A good way to help keep your vehicle operating affordably and safely is by following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Learn the ins and outs of preventative maintenance for your vehicle and learn to save money operating your vehicle.
A well-maintained vehicle is going to use less fuel, cost less for repairs and keep you and your family safe and on the road. If you invest $1.00 in maintenance it could save you at least $8.00. Alternately, if you don’t invest it in maintenance it could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

The following course will outline some of the most common maintenance items your vehicle requires.

Each lesson will include a worksheet to estimate the cost of preventative maintenance for your vehicle. You can use the following general maintenance schedules to complete the worksheets. Alternatively, to be even more accurate you may want to use the maintenance schedule found in your owner’s manual.


General Maintenance 5,000 kms to 100,000 kms

General Maintenance 105,000 Kms to 200,000 Kms


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