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Tires are the only thing that keeps your vehicle attached to the road. This course is broken into four lessons.

  1. Differences between tires
  2. Common Tire Problems
  3. What to do to prevent or correct tire problems
  4. Is it time for new tires?

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  • All Tires Are NOT Created Equal

    This lesson outlines some of the key differences between all season, all weather and winter tires. Once you understand the differences you can make a better informed decision regarding your next tire purchase.

  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    There are certain things that will effect all tires the same way. If you are able to recognize common signs of problems with your tires you will be able to more quickly remedy a problem. This will save you money, stress and keep your family safe.

  • Tire Maintenance

    In the previous sections we have learned about how tires are made and a bit about tire problems. In this section we will learn about how to correct or better yet prevent tire problems.

  • Tires and Money

    How do you know it's time for a new set of tires? How do you know what tires to buy? New? Used? A set for winter and summer? One set to rule them all?