* Please fill out the application completely to avoid delays in processing your application. If you have a question about something on the application please email kimberly@goodnewsauto.ca.

There are two ways to access our JumpStart Fund:

Learn to Earn Matched Savings:
* If you would like to earn money towards a future repair or if you do not qualify for the emergency safety repair you may apply for the “Learn to Earn” Matched Savings. You will be eligible for up to $600.00 towards future repairs through this opportunity.

Safety Repair Grant:
* One adult in the household must be employed to qualify for emergency vehicle repair funding unless you have a referral from a community agency.

  • A letter of referral from a community member, social worker, community worker, doctor, pastor or someone who is familiar with your situation. Please make sure they have included their contact information as we will contact them as part of the application process.

* Please provide proof of employment and employment income.

* The JumpStart Fund will assist with emergency safety repairs only and will require the vehicle be brought in for inspection to verify these repairs. There may be a fee attached to this depending on the situation.

* This is a one time opportunity only. There is further funding available through our Learn to Earn Matched Savings if needed.

* The applicant is responsible for all agreed upon costs (diagnosis, inspection, portion of safety repair) at the time the work is completed. No work will be completed without a signed agreement between applicant and a representative of the JumpStart Fund.

Please fill out this form if you are applying for financial assistance through our JumpStart Fund. This must be filled out before you are approved for Matched Savings. Matched Savings Agreement

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