Programs for Employed People

Our JumpStart Fund steps in where other programs and subsidies end. There are many very helpful organizations and programs available to people on low income. As your income increases these options are no longer accessible leading to hardship as people work to improve their lives.

We know that a large vehicle safety repair creates stress and may result in job loss or even getting behind on rent. This is where our JumpStart Fund can help.

Good News Auto’s owners started the Jumpstart program to help employeed people with and without a vehicle.  If you have a qualifying vehicle you may be eligable for any of our programs. In cases where you do not have a qualifying vehicle (or no vehicle at all) you can qualify for our other programs.

  • Safety Repair Grant – for people requiring assistance in repairing their vehicle to keep it safe and on the road
  • Matched Savings – for people with non-qualifying vehicles that are looking for assistance in covering repair costs.
  • Community Care – one time grants to help with your living expenses including rent, utilities, food, etc.

The requirements for our Safety Repair Grant are:

  1. You must be employed and be able to demonstrate financial ability to maintain your vehicle on a regular basis.
  2. You must complete the JumpStart application and meet with JumpStart coordinator.
  3. Your vehicle must qualify*.
    • No vehicles over 200,000 kms.
    • Repairs needed don’t exceed value of vehicle in good condition
    • No European vehicles
  4. You must pay for a portion of a full inspection as well as a portion of the actual repair.
    This will be based on income, circumstance and the vehicle repair needed and determined at the time of the interview and inspection.


To apply, please fill out the form on this page. Once you have completed the form and we process your eligability, we will contact you to begin the full application process.

*If your vehicle doesn’t qualify you may qualify for our community care & matched savings options – read below.

My vehicle doesn’t qualify. What now?

If your vehicle does not meet the requirements above fill out the form and we will do out best to see if you can qualify for our Matched Savings or Community Care programs.

Programs for Unemployed People

We have recently started offering options for financial assistance to people who aren’t currently working or for people whose vehicle doesn’t qualify for our Safety Repair Grant. Our Community Care is made up of two parts.

The first is our Matched Savings.

This gives you an opportunity to earn money towards your vehicle repair by completing our Car Care Courses.

The second is our Community Care grant.

If you aren’t currently working or your vehicle doesn’t qualify for our safety grant you may qualify for assistance towards living expenses (this grant not for vehicle repairs). This is a one-time offering to assist you in overcoming whatever crisis you are facing.

Community Care grants require you to have completed our online car care education courses. 

If you would like to apply please fill out the form on this page. Once we receive your submissions and process it, we will contact you to begin the full application & interview process.

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